Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Windows XP Registry Cleaners Reviewed

Good Windows XP registry cleaners are few and far between. It seems like there are a lot of programs out there to choose from, but in reality there are only a few that are worth your time. Registry Basics The Windows XP registry is a complicated filing system where programs and hardware write their preference and settings data. Windows constantly accesses this data as you use your computer so that your personal settings remain constant, as well as the settings each program and hardware needs to operate. Unfortunately, the registry is prone to becoming corrupted and cluttered, just like any physical filing cabinet in an office. These invalid entries can bog down your PC causing it to slow down and display error messages. Applications don t run correctly, and the computer might crash. How To Clean The Registry Although the registry is complicated, there are some easy solutions available to everyone, no matter how much computer experience they have. Good Windows XP registry cleaners will automate the process of searching for and removing the bad and corrupted entries. Previously this task was only able to be done by hand by experienced computer technicians. Thanks to this specialized software however, anyone can clean their PC s registry. The Best Windows XP registry cleaners The best repair programs for Windows XP are RegCure and Registry Mechanic. The editors at RegistryCleanerZone.com like RegCure the best. RegCure has an easy to use interface, has the most powerful and fast scanner, and provides an excellent startup program manager. Registry Mechanic by PC Tools comes in a close second, however the crew at RegistryCleanerZone. felt that although it provided some great extra features, it couldn t quite beat RegCure. It was a bit too intrusive and wasn t as intuitive as RegCure. For more information on the best Windows XP registry cleaners available, please visit Registry Cleaner Zone .

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