Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Introduction to Installing Replacement Windows

Many people are intimidated by the thought of installing replacement windows. However, the job is not as difficult as you think it is. The first step you need to take in removing the old window is to pull off the flat exterior trim that surrounds the window and the sash in place. You need to do this inside and then on the outside. Do your best to try not to damage the trim as you very well may need to re-use the trim. If there are any joints that are painted in, then cut them with a knife and pry away from the window frame with a thin bladed screwdriver. When doing all this work, be careful not to damage or dent any of the wood so you can re-use it and not have any added repairs to do afterwards. Depending on how old your house and windows are will determine how difficult it is to remove the old windows. There could be many nails in the top, sides and bottom holding it in place. Take your time in locating all the nails and carefully remove them. You may need to use a reciprocating saw to cut through them. Once you have the old one removed, will the new one fit. If you are dealing with an old house then it is a good idea to measure both the height and width at the end and the middle of the rough opening. Then choose the smaller of your measurements. Measuring for installing replacement windows should have been done before removing the old window. Place the new one in the open area and make sure that it fits. You should have three quarters of an inch between the top and side and jambs and the house frame. Before placing the window in the empty space, tack a thin piece of board diagonally between the opposite corners of the frame to lock it in place. Caulk around the window edges and along the windowsill and then insert it into the open space. You may need to add some caulking to seal it into place. Replace the trim around the edges. Installing replacement windows is much harder with an older home because it is difficult to find new windows that are the same size as much older ones. However, by replacing the windows in an older home you are sure to realize a savings in your energy bill and raise the equity value of your home. Modern windows contain insulated glass, two or three panes that are sealed around the perimeter. The air between the windows is replaced with an inert gas creating a greater insulating value. You can see a reduction of heat loss by as much as thirty-five percent. Installing replacement windows is a much easier job if done on a newer home. If your home is an older model, it is a good idea to get some professional guidance because it is quite difficult to explain it fully in an article. Whichever way you choose to do the job, we wish you the best in this do it yourself project. Visit our site for Valuable information on installing replacement windows , discount plantation shutters , bali vertical blinds and other home improvement ideas. by D. Karlson

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