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Vintage Carpet

Antique sort carpets assist so as to add a touch of grandeur and glamour to your house or office, talking significantly about your rich and indulgent tastes. Antique carpets are lovely residence furnishings and solid artwork investments. They aren't simply decorative objects, however items of custom, ethniticity, and true class that dates again thousands of years.

Vintage carpets characterize monumental vary in motifs and colour harmonies and you'll merely lose your self seeing the varied mixtures of wealthy antique colors and heavy intricate weaving.

The diverse range of antique carpet items that you will encounter while shopping for them are largely Oriental carpets and rugs that portray the mystery and legend of the far off lands of the Orient.

Antique carpets and rugs are imported mostly from China, Persia, India, Afghanistan, Caucasus, and Turkey. A few of the famous weaving areas of such antique carpets include Kashan, Agra, and many different locations.

Vintage carpets have a extra inventive integrity, as they are solely hand woven. They're sold all over the world, with clients greater than willing to pay no matter they should with the intention to redefine their residence and adorn in style.

If you are trying so as to add luster and glamour to your residence or workplace and are able to lay our a fortune on the beautiful pieces of artwork, then you shouldn’t wait a single minute.

The first thing to do, is contact one of the a number of dependable, educated, and real artwork sellers and galleries who deal in antique carpets and have profound knowledge concerning the varied points of a good and real vintage carpet. They can information you in selecting the best one per your finances and tastes.

You've got acquired a bit of labor to do as well. You need to go to plenty of dealers and educate yourself about dyes, wools, design high quality, and the numerous styles of weaving as well. Contact the carpet and scrutinize them carefully. Watch out for the machine made synthetic carpets that some sellers will inform you are antique carpets.

Under, are some suggestions that can assist you when buying vintage carpet. 1. You have to stay cautious and thoughtful whereas analyzing each bit of antique carpet. 2. You will additionally must try and perceive the age and origin of the carpet that may in turn offer you a significantly better insight concerning the total high quality of the carpet. 3. You'll also must look and see if the edge and borders are there in the antique carpet you plan to purchase, as the end and edge borders are typically lost and even reduce out on purpose. Keep in mind that the borders will decide the general value of your carpet. 4. Keep a watch out for holes and moth assaults which can be both widespread when coping with antique carpets. These issues must be attended to before you purchase the carpet. 5. It is best to always take care of dealers who have the prices marked on the carpet. See to it that your supplier sticks to that price.

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Windows XP Registry Cleaner

If you have a new computer, then you will definitely need a Windows XP registry cleaner . I think the registry itself is not going to need fixing, if you don’t ever do anything to your computer. But, once you start installing software, uninstalling software, making shortcuts on your desktop to your favorite programs, and even surfing the internet, you will need a good Windows XP registry cleaner . Let us cover the basics on what the registry files do, and why they are important. The registry files are the files, which tell the computer how a program is supposed to operate. It gives the basic instructions on what the program is suppose to do, and when it is suppose to do it. For comparison, they are like a recipe. With the recipe, and all ingredients, everything goes well. Without a recipe, you have no idea how to make something, or what order they go in. Even if you have all of the ingredients, you will still have a hard time cooking. It takes you much longer, if you even finish. Same goes for registry files. If these registry files are missing, or corrupted, the computer has a hard time doing what it is suppose to do. And, you will be amazed at how simple it really is mess up these files. If you install software, there is a change you will overwrite one of the registry files. So, now the file may work for the new program, and not the old program. Also, if you uninstall software, you can remove the registry file for another program. Now this program will not work. When the computer gets told by us to open a program, it looks for the registry files first. If it can not find them, or if it gives some wrong information, the computer will either lockup, give a blue screen, or restart all by itself. If any of these conditions happen to you, you have a registry problem. This is where a good quality Windows XP registry cleaner comes in. Registry repair software will scan your computer, and look for errors. If it finds the errors, it can then correct them for you, and return the files back to their original state. This will allow your computer to run error free, and also to run much faster than what it was. So, if you have any questions about the problems you may be experiencing, then I would get a Windows XP registry cleaner . Michael Baker is a Computer Optimization Technician, and recommends getting a Free Computer Scan to fix any problems such as computers freezing, locking up, restarting for no reason, and getting the blue death screen.

Installing Replacement Windows

There are a number of ways in which you can go about installing replacement windows. The general idea is to avoid unnecessary costs and wasted time in doing it yourself. Although a lot of people still prefer to do it themselves, and there are a number of online resources available which help people to do just that. The range of information available online is vast and a person can learn a lot, from fixing broken fixtures to carrying out the whole installation themselves. Lets see the 2 types of window replacement installations- Type 1 installation involves a wide structural base which requires removing the whole case from old windows. These are generally more difficult to install as the whole part has to be removed and re-installed. In such cases it is better to consult a professional to do the work, to avoid any unnecessary costs later one. The other type is type 2 installation. This kind of installation is done by fixing the new window within the structural base of the old one, and is usually the easier one to be carried out. Although this kind of installation has its won disadvantages, some of them being- -If not sealed properly they definitely result in some kind of water seepage and leakage. -Also the visible area of the new window is greatly reduced, as it is installed over the old window, thus providing a smaller viewing area. A lot of people tend to prefer the type 1 installation of windows, even though it involves more work and money, as it provides for a better view and look. In the end whatever type of installation you decide, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each before going ahead with the replacement work. It also advisable to hire a professional to do this for you, as it will save you a lot of frustration and money later on. If you want to learn more about installing replacement windows and getting a free guide & quote, visit our website at- Installation of replacement windows

Installing Sunroom Windows

Everyone loves the idea of a sunroom. Being able to sit and relax while taking in the view the sunroom windows offer can be an exhilarating experience. Many lazy days can be spent in this room enjoying the peace and quiet. However any good sunroom relies on the size and quality of its windows. Do It Yourself If you are the do it yourself enthusiast, you may have thought about building your own sunroom. This is not the most difficult project you could tackle, and the benefits are great. One high priority consideration includes the windows you will install. The windows should be selected not only for their ability to let in the sunlight but how well they are going to keep in the heat or cool air. By doing a little comparison, you can determine which manufacturer offers the better product for the price when making your choice. Terms to Know It is important to understand some terms about windows before purchasing your sunroom windows. One of the first is the U-factor. You want a low U-factor to ensure less heat escapes. The R-factor will tell you how well the window serves as an insulator. This number should be high. The important rating in sunroom windows is the Visible Transmittance (VT). This number should also be as high as possible to let in all the sunlight. After all, it is a sunroom. The VT rating can range from 1 to zero. Zero means no light will get in. While this may be great for some place you grow mushrooms, it is not good in a sunroom. Installation Once you choose your windows, installation is the next step to plan. You will want a continuous header above the windows. Don t allow the weight of the ceiling to press on the windows, as this can cause quite a bit of damage. With a continuous header, the weight will be supported by the corner posts. You can then feel assured that your sunroom windows will operate efficiently for years to come. Once you have the window frames built and are ready to install the windows themselves, be sure you put the first one in as precisely as you can. The first window is the base for all the windows to come. A simple tip here is to make sure you only tack the windows at the four corners. This way if you need to reposition them before final installation, the job of moving the sunroom windows is easier. It is best to do every step the manufacturer recommends for installing their windows. This ensures any warranties will not be voided. It also increases the likelihood you will enjoy the quality of the windows you choose for many years to come. To help meet your home improvement needs, such as for beautiful replacement windows , great flooring options , home improvement loans, and much more, please visit for insightful information.

Best Free Antivirus Software

The debate goes back and forth as to whether antivirus or firewall software are more important. In terms of what you need to add to your system many computer users will find that in a real world situation their choice of antivirus software is the most important. The reason for this is that many systems are already protected to some degree from outside intrusions by routers that have powerful firewall capabilities and also Windows XP and Vista have limited firewall capabilities built in. For those systems that are not behind a firewall router or are without the firewall feature of Vista or XP then adding a software firewall is just as important as adding a good antivirus application. There are a number of very good free antivirus programs available from a variety of sources. When considering free antivirus software be sure it is as good as a paid program or look elsewhere, because free does not have to mean low quality or limited features as you will see from the following selections. Comodo AntiVirus (Comodo) This great free antivirus application can eliminates viruses, trojans and even worms from both desktops and networks. It offers constant protection with on-access scanning working in real-time. A powerful feature is the proactive heuristic analysis that can even intercept unknown threats. Updates of virus definitions are provided automatically on a daily basis. Any suspicious files it identifies are isolated in quarantine thereby preventing infection. This antivirus software is very easy to install and use. We have used this on all of our test systems and currently use it on a number of our computers! >> Windows XP(SP2) / 2000(SP4) PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition (PC Tools) This is a new free antivirus application from PC Tools. It can detect, quarantine, disinfect and destroy viruses, worms and trojans. This free edition even includes real-time protection and comprehensive system screening to keep your system running safe and virus free. >> Windows Vista / XP / 2000 McAfee Security Center (AOL/McAfee) This free product is offered free by AOL. You need to complete a free registration to get this product but the few minutes spent are well worth it. This is a multi purpose suite that includes antivirus, firewall and antispyware components. >> Windows Vista / XP / 2000 AVG Anti Virus Version 7.5 Free Edition (Grisoft) Download the new version 7.5 of this top free antivirus product. This new version has an improved virus detection engine based on more accurate heuristics and NTFS data stream scanning. It also has a smaller installation footprint and an improved user interface. >> Windows Vista / XP(SP2) / 2000(SP4) / NT(SP6a) / ME / 98SE avast! 4 Antivirus Free Home Edition (Alwil) This antivirus program is available free for home users. It is a complete antivirus solution and will do a great job protecting your computer from viruses. This newest version features better detection levels, together with higher performance. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses (viruses already spreading between users) and even excellent detection of trojan horses. >> Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / NT(SP4) / ME / 98 / 95 AntiVir PersonalEdition (Avira) Use this antivirus download free! It can reliably protects your private computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers. This program uses very few computer resources so is especially good for older computers. AntiVir can run in Windows Safe Mode so can be helpful if you are unable to get Windows to boot! >> Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98 To get the easy download links for these and other top free antivirus products visit where over a dozen great free antivirus products are featured. You will also find top free security software in other categories (firewall, antispyware etc.) throughout the website. The author Dave Jacobs has had a love-hate relationship with computers ever since he purchased his first computer, a Commodore 64 in the early 80 s. Many years and a long learning curve have brought him to the point that he is able to share some of what he has learned, on a wide range of topics, with fellow computer enthusiasts around the world.

TP Link Review

This is a review for one of the TP Link Wireless USB Adapters currently available in North America. I bought this after having issues with another Wireless USB Adapter, it would drop connection at least a couple of times a day, which to those that need a constant connection is frustrating to say the least. I work primarily from home, the office is located in the basement, but it is directly below the main internet connection point, which you would think wouldn t be experiencing the numerous issues I was having. After shopping online for a suitable replacement, I came across some positive reviews for many of the TP-Link Wireless products. They are the number 1 market share leader in China, (which does speak volumes) and are fully tech supported by Dynapower USA, located in the good old US of A. The awards they have won were from reputable magazines like PC Format, PC World and PC Magazine so I was easily able to make the decision to try and find an authorized dealer in North America. After making the online purchase, (worthy to note, that it arrived 4 days later) I got to work doing the install. Just to give a little background information on the system I was using, it is a Windows XP SP2, and the wireless router that I connect to is a D-Link DI-524 DWL-G122 Package DWL-922C Wireless Air Plus G (never had any issues with this product at all, very easy set-up). The box contained the usual items needed, a set-up disk (mini-cd), easy to understand instructions (well written in English), and the product itself. (Another of note, at the bottom of the box there was a free USB extender similar to a cradle which I didn t notice at first, so keep this in mind) Basically the installation was easy, and I will also walk you though it. Set Up Restore Point (I m Cautious) Plug In USB Adapter Cancel The Windows XP Autoinstall (It Thinks The Product Is Something Else) Place The Mini CD In The Drive VERY Carefully Choose The Folder For The Product Code You Bought Double Click The Set-Up File EXE Choose To Install All Software (We Will Be Semi Changing This After The Install Anyway) Reboot Your PC (I Do This After Every New Install) The Configuration Software Will Start And Automatically Gives You A List Of All Available Networks Choose The Network To Connect To And Enter In Your Network Settings (Most Are Detected For You, The Rest You Would Already Know) You Are Connected, And You Can Stop Here, Or If You Want Windows To Manage Your Network Follow The Below Steps Right Click The Wireless Network Connection Icon Located Bottom Right Next To Your Date/Time On The Taskbar...Choose "View Available Wireless Networks" When The Wireless Connection Window Appears...Under Related Tasks...Choose "Change Advance Settings" When The Wireless Network Connection Properties Window Appears...Choose The Wireless Networks Tab...And Then Checkbox The "Use Windows To Configure My Wireless Network Settings" You Will Get A Small Hiccup In Your Connection, (It Will Automatically Reconnect) But Completing These Steps Will Ensure That Everytime, (Addendum, There Are Steps That I Didn t Originally Consider, Read The Next Bullet Point) You Reboot Your Machine And The First Thing That Windows Will Do Will Be To Connect To Your Wireless Network. (Handy For Those That Run Internet Needed Applications On Start-Up) If You Are Using A Computer That Allows External Program Access, There Is A New Step. Using The "Start" Tab At The Bottom Of Your Screen, Click It And Select "Run...". Type In "msconfig" Into The Window And Hit "Enter". Select The "Startup" Tab On The "System Configuration Utility" Window That Pops Up, And Find The TWCU entry. Unclick It And Reboot. (When The Windows Warning Pops Up, Tell It To Ingnore The Change And Never Remind You Again) This Will Ensure That Only Windows Has Control Over Your Wireless Connection Without Unneeded 3rd Party Applications. Reboot Your Machine And Test It Out. I have had the TP Link Wireless USB Adapter installed for just over 3 weeks (Since 12-03-07) and I haven t had a connection issue since. It has built in eXtender technology, which is excellent for those far away from there Wireless Router, but on top of that, as I said above, a 3 foot eXtender connection was included. (I still haven t needed to use it) Overall this was a complete surprise to me and an excellent value for what I paid. It rivals other USB connectors that are 3 times the price and I think the only real negative thing I have to say about this product is the connection light is a bright flashing red, (like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) and I prefer the conventional green flashing (I m old school). Duane Cooper has been reviewing hardware, software, as well as web-based applications and scripts since 2003 and he has had a hand in designing some of the most used web applications for SEO and Internet Marketing. As a self-employed individual, he has chosen to focus on helping others succeed by offering "Pro Bono Publico" assistance through his company located at a full service Web Development And Design, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization solution for business as well as personal websites. For full product sources, please visit

Windows Hosting versus Linux Hosting

The matter of choosing between the operating system (OS) running the web server hosting your web site as old as the web hosting business. The OS controls all the functions of the web server hosting your site, so it comes naturally to pay special attention when choosing one over another. But what are really the options you have? Mainly you can choose between web hosting based on Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems. A brief description and analysis of the different systems will narrow the list of options to only two. Microsoft’s Windows server operating systems (NT/2000/2003) have a rather friendly and familiar user interface, making IT teams to easier in this aspect. Another plus is given by it’s excellent integration capabilities with other applications developed by Microsoft and let’s face it their range is absolutely impressive. The main key point of Windows based hosting is its support for .ASP (Active Server Pages) or the advanced ASP.NET. This language for web development was created by Microsoft to facilitate the creation of dynamic web pages linked to SQL databases. It also provides capabilities for integration with other systems. It can be said that Unix is the OS that powered the beginning of the Internet era and due to his qualities is still used today. Linux OS was developed having Unix as starting point and this is how the two share many features. Today the Linux version of the Unix system is more common on web servers and this has to do with the higher licensing costs and with the rather specific hardware requirements for Unix. This is why we will continue with Linux only, but Unix is taken into account as well. Linux hosting has its strong points in fulfilling one’s requirements for a good web server and Web serving, file serving, mailing, and streaming are only a few. It proves itself is a very cost-effective choice from using hardware efficiently, and allowing an increased web sites per server ratio, this ultimately resulting in a decreasing the cost of hosting per account. So here are our two choices Windows and Linux. Reliability In the past Linux OS were seen as more reliable over Windows. However with the release of Windows 2003 server Microsoft has gone a long way and closed the gap in this area. Linux servers are compatible with certain Microsoft extensions and applications and the same is true for Windows. Web Programming Even if trying to host a simple personal web site, your might want add some simple scripts to spice up your pages. The issue gets bigger when you are looking to host an e-commerce site supported by some serious server-side programming. So how are our two contenders doing in this aspect? Supporting java scripts is not a topic to be argued upon as they are executed on the client side (the user’s web browser) and both Linux and Windows have no problem feeding this content to your visitors. It is a whole different matter when discussing server side scripting. For web site owners trying to implement forms on their site it is common knowledge that ASP is supported by Windows and PHP is the tool to do just that under Linux. However both developed solutions to support each other’s programming language for web development. This support is not perfect and its limitations recommend Linux for a good PHP support and Windows for ASP, especially when it comes to hosting web sites that require the full use the advantages offered by PHP or ASP. Linux offers a support for FrontPage extensions. Windows has a weak point in offering only limited CGI/Perl support, so if Perl is the scripting language of your choice, you should opt for Linux. Databases Dynamically driven web sites require some sort of databases. Beyond sites employing databases, most frequently you will encounter mySQL or MSAccess. If your web site is relying on mySQL, then you’ll have no problems hosting it on either Windows or Linux. For MSAccess databases, look your only option is Windows. Price Linux web hosting is cheaper. The reason must be searched in licensing costs, that are lower that for Windows, and in the ability of Linux web servers to support a higher web sites per server ratio without compromising the quality of service. Although Windows hosting cost a bit more, you will get something for your money. It’s reduced development time and functionality As the option of one over another depends basically of your actual needs and of the plans you have made for the future of your web site. For example will it move from a rather static web site to one relying heavily on server side scripting? And if it is so what would be the programming language used: PHP or ASP? Consequently your web site will be set up on a Linux or on a Windows web server. Almost all serious web-hosting providers will offer you the choice between Linux and Windows. There is no winner of this contest, at least not yet. In today’s terms, your preference of one system over another should be given only by your requirements and the needs of your visitors. Calin Indre is editor at HostPinPin ( ), a Cheap Web Hosting Directory Resource. is a resource for webmasters and consumers looking to find a web hosting company. Providing web hosting articles, tips, web hosting reviews, compare web hosting plans and more. This article may be reprinted or published without the authors consent as long as the “About” and “weblinks” are kept intact.

Change Management and Decreases in Innovative Spirit

Any time there is a change in management at the corporate level it can cause a conflict with productivity, efficiency and innovation. For those companies that rely on innovative spirit to propel their profits such decreases can spell disaster for the department or division. Consider if you will a project manager who is rapidly reassigned to another division or another important project. The project team may not gel as well with the new brand new manager and that means the efficiency in productivity in the project flies out the window. Worse off, often we see a decrease in the innovative spirit and that can cause a disaster and even cause the project to fail. All too often we find that project managers in large corporations become part of the innovative backbone of the endeavor. If there are rapid changes this can cause a disarray amongst the employees and put the project behind its scheduled goals. As the team works to make up for lost time the motivation can also be lost and therefore the innovative spirit is simply not there when and if the team runs into a problem that is not easily solvable. And change management case studies especially in cases with project managers involved decreases in the innovative spirit must be considered. Think of this in 2006. "Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; . Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

Windows Registry - XP Operating System

A clogged Windows Registry increases the time your PC boot up time and hogs system resources. PC users can check with many stores about which free windows registry repair is the most safe and reliable before downloading and installing on the computer. The physical files that make up the registry are stored differently depending on your version of Windows; under Windows 95 & 98 it is contained in two hidden files in your Windows directory, called USER. The registry keeps on growing along with the use of windows. Windows communicates with its registry dozens of times every second and broken registry keys can make that communication difficult and slow. If you run a Windows operating system, you have messed up registry files. Free windows registry repair will also safely make a back up of the registry while cleaning it up and will automatically replace it once the repair procedure is complete. To fix Windows 98 registry or any other version of Windows for that matter, it is important to keep the registry up to date and free from any outdated entries. The most highly recommended in PC maintenance is 5, cleaning your windows registry. Exe is an alternative registry editor available with Windows NT/2000 with features of its own. This is the reason that the registry must be cleaned with a windows registry cleaner on a regular basis. If you ve never even heard of a Windows registry, don t feel bad. Sometimes using the System Restore feature in Windows can fix problems, so for the less technically experienced this might be the more painless route to go if the above scanning solutions don t work and you don t want to play around with the registry. This information is recorded in the registry and needs to be cleaned with a windows registry cleaner regularly. However sometimes the programs you install can alter your windows registry in such a way that the windows registry recovery program won t be able to fix. Over time your windows registry can accumulate junk files from the constant installation of newer programs and removal of obsolete ones. Soli Katir These websites will introduce you on how you can repair your XP, absolutely free!

Highlight Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul, and killer eyes are the most valuable weapon for attraction. It’s fun playing with all the colors of an eyeshadow palette can give. Experimenting with shades can make you look gothic, futuristic, alluring, or cleopatric with all those solid black and golden shades. Eye shadows can also determine what lifestyle you’ve got and what mood you are in. But of course, you can never have too much of everything. Proper shading and painting should be observed. With all the available colors, you can go wrong by overdoing or combining shades that don’t fit each other (or your clothes). You also have to consider the fact that your eyes and other facial features such as your eyes’ shape can affect the effect of putting eye shadows. Example, for eyes that are widely separated, you may use neutral colors on your eyelids’ inner corner. See what I mean? There are actually techniques in using an eyeshadow. You can’t just brush it on in any manner, color and style you want. So here are a few dos and donts in using an eyeshadow. First knowhow to blend.You would definitely not use a single color to paint your whole eyelid. Have a base (usually the lightest color of all), a highlighter and the main shade for the lid. Next, have the shades that can widen your eyes. Don’t apply eyeshadow on your brow bone unless it’s a neutral color. The use of highlighter can make you look great or can make you look gloomy. Shimmer should only be applied to the brow bones to create a gorgeous effect. If you want a smokey eye, keep it on the lid. Keep your eyeshadow light if you’re going for that red vamp lipstick. Copyright (c) Althea Marie Tan. Get your daily beauty and makeup tips from Beauty Tips Daily -

An Introduction to Installing Replacement Windows

Many people are intimidated by the thought of installing replacement windows. However, the job is not as difficult as you think it is. The first step you need to take in removing the old window is to pull off the flat exterior trim that surrounds the window and the sash in place. You need to do this inside and then on the outside. Do your best to try not to damage the trim as you very well may need to re-use the trim. If there are any joints that are painted in, then cut them with a knife and pry away from the window frame with a thin bladed screwdriver. When doing all this work, be careful not to damage or dent any of the wood so you can re-use it and not have any added repairs to do afterwards. Depending on how old your house and windows are will determine how difficult it is to remove the old windows. There could be many nails in the top, sides and bottom holding it in place. Take your time in locating all the nails and carefully remove them. You may need to use a reciprocating saw to cut through them. Once you have the old one removed, will the new one fit. If you are dealing with an old house then it is a good idea to measure both the height and width at the end and the middle of the rough opening. Then choose the smaller of your measurements. Measuring for installing replacement windows should have been done before removing the old window. Place the new one in the open area and make sure that it fits. You should have three quarters of an inch between the top and side and jambs and the house frame. Before placing the window in the empty space, tack a thin piece of board diagonally between the opposite corners of the frame to lock it in place. Caulk around the window edges and along the windowsill and then insert it into the open space. You may need to add some caulking to seal it into place. Replace the trim around the edges. Installing replacement windows is much harder with an older home because it is difficult to find new windows that are the same size as much older ones. However, by replacing the windows in an older home you are sure to realize a savings in your energy bill and raise the equity value of your home. Modern windows contain insulated glass, two or three panes that are sealed around the perimeter. The air between the windows is replaced with an inert gas creating a greater insulating value. You can see a reduction of heat loss by as much as thirty-five percent. Installing replacement windows is a much easier job if done on a newer home. If your home is an older model, it is a good idea to get some professional guidance because it is quite difficult to explain it fully in an article. Whichever way you choose to do the job, we wish you the best in this do it yourself project. Visit our site for Valuable information on installing replacement windows , discount plantation shutters , bali vertical blinds and other home improvement ideas. by D. Karlson

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Free Windows XP Registry Cleaner Reviews

When it comes to fixing your windows registry there really is only one way to do it and that is by using a free registry cleaner tool. These pc repair tools are very convenient in that they are programmed to perform deep system scans and automatically repair any erroneous entries within your registry in the space of a few minutes. Despite the fact that I am stating the obvious and that most people know about these tools you will find that a large portion of people are unaware as to what the registry s function is within windows. Lets talk briefly about what this system component does and why it is so important. It is so important that your registry is kept error free as it is the central database of windows which stores all your systems hardware, software and user profile configurations. The reason why it causes so many common error symptoms is because as you go about changing hardware, software and system settings over time it causes the information in this database to change. This will cause your registry to eventually become filled with a large portion of obsolete and unused information which will negatively affect windows s ability to reference information from which is necessary to load programs and perform tasks. This is why it is so important to perform regular scans with the best free registry cleaner tool available which will ensure that your pc is kept error free. Failure to do so will result in your system becoming victim to frequent error messages, crashes, freezes and less overall functionality. When it comes to choosing the best free windows registry cleaner I can highly recommend Reg cure. This pc optimization and repair tool has continued to gain huge popularity because of its solid scanning and repair abilities. If you would like to download the latest free version please visit the website below. Reg Cure Registry Cleaner

Warning - It ll Be Curtains for You If You Choose the Wrong Window Treatment

Warning - It ll Be Curtains for You If You Choose the Wrong Window Treatment Selecting new window coverings for your home can be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from. Materials, colors, and designs vary so much that narrowing your choices down can be overwhelming. Knowing that you have to live with your choice for a long time also adds pressure in making the right decision. In order to make your task easier, first look at the rooms you want to work with. What is the style of the room, and what is its purpose? Answering those questions prior to shopping can make this process much less taxing. Contemporary rooms tend to be minimally decorated. Clean lines and solid colors are typical. Choose window coverings that follow the lead of the rest of the room. Avoid curtains unless they are solid and sleek. No frills allowed. Simple shades are your best bet, as they complement the design and architecture of the room. The traditional look is one that exemplifies class and comfort. Beautiful good quality drapes work best in this type of room, as they create a sense of warmth and formality. Be sure to buy the best materials you can afford, or you risk cheapening the look of the room. In casual living spaces, shades and blinds are good bets. You want functionality and durability. High end tapestries would look out of place, and simple neutral shades may make the room appear cold and uninviting. Select colors that are vibrant and go well with the rest of the decor, and be sure to pick a material that can be easily cleaned if you live with pets and children. In terms of the purpose of the room, look at what you use the room for on a daily basis, and then consider what your window covering needs are. If privacy is an issue, then consider heavy curtains or rolling shades. Partial privacy allows for the option of horizontal blinds in either metal or wood finishes. You also need to keep in mind the demands that you will make on the coverings in each particular room. The bedroom for instance will likely offer little wear and tear on your draperies, but the bathroom and the kitchen will see a lot of heat and humidity. The materials that you choose need to be able to withstand these conditions. Also keep in mind temperature. Do you want to keep light out, but hold heat in, or vice versa? Wood based window coverings such as blinds and shutters are the most versatile in terms of usability. They cool your house down in the summer, and hold in heat during the winter. Wood is also easy to clean, and is able to stand up to daily demands. Wood products have a long life expectancy, and are available in a wide variety of colors. Doug Jones is a REALTOR that provides exceptional service for anyone interested in the San Diego CA real estate market. Search the San Diego MLS for homes currently available on the market.

A Basic Guide To Running A Window Washing Business

While windows washing is one of the most lucrative business models in the United States, it is also one of the most simple. It doesn t require a large investment in tools or resources. It has a huge customer base which ranges from homeowners to business owners. In addition to this, windows washing is practically always in demand, with the exception of rainy or snowy days. Given all this information, it is easy to see why the windows washing business is worth at least $10 billion per year. If you were only able to get a small percentage of that $10 billion, you would find yourself financially independent within short order. Everyone needs windows washing. If you re the owner of a store or restaurant, appearances are everything. Having dirty or muddy windows will ensure that you don t bring in many customers, since they will be turned off by the appearance of your business, even if you actually have good products or services. If you re a homeowner, and you re having guests over, it is crucial that your home be in tip top shape. While you could clean the windows yourself, you may not have the time or inclination. In a situation like this, a windows washer would be very helpful. They can professionally clean your windows and have them looking stunning. While windows washing has existed for as long as people have used glass in buildings, many people overlook its enormous potential as a business model. Sometimes, the most lucrative business opportunities can be things which are fairly simple. It isn t something that has to be overly complex. When you also consider the fact that most house holds in the U.S. with two incomes or more hire a window washing business to clean their windows, it become easy to see why this business is so in demand. In addition to this, the industry will only continue to grow has new buildings are constructed, and the population continues to expand. Tanner Larsson is a window washing business expert and the author of two bestselling books on teaching you to start your own window cleaning business. He also publishes the Window Cleaning Success newsletter. A free ezine dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your window cleaning business. Learn More:

Are You Ready For Vista? What You Need To Know About The Next Microsoft Windows

Are You Ready For Vista? What You Need To Know About The Next Microsoft Windows Vista is coming soon to a computer near you, are you ready? Unlike past editions of Microsoft Windows this new version seems to be generating a lot more pre-launch buzz. Maybe it has to do with all the new improved browsing and computer features that the Vista will supposedly deliver. What is Vista? Vista is the new version of Microsoft Windows, which will offer users a greatly improved browsing and computer experience mainly through more dynamic live windows and faster presentation. It will offer a more robust security (direly needed!) and more business features in its corporate OS with encryption, Unix services, and virtual machine capabilities. You will be able to use different graphical tools to more efficiently manage your information and applications on your desktop. If you read the information on the official Vista site, you may come away believing your desktop will never look or feel the same again. Vista Homepage: There is one underlying reason why this may just be the case. According to the Longhorn Statement of last year, RSS will play a major role in these applications and in the OS itself. Longhorn is the name for the Microsoft Windows Server code. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Microsoft should be applauded for bringing RSS to the forefront. Many believe RSS will change the very nature of how we use the Internet and our computers. Regardless of what it may contain, the new Windows Vista has many consumers delaying the purchase of their next PC or laptop until the new Windows arrives. Many were hoping for a pre-Christmas release but... When Will It Arrive? According to Microsoft s own official site on Vista, Windows Vista will be available in early 2007. However, Vista (as of Sept.22, 2006) is already in Beta testing with over 30,000 testers from around the globe. Read more about this at the Windows Vista Team Blog: Vista will have TWO Interfaces Vista Windows will have two interfaces, Basic and Aero. The Basic Interface will be similar to Windows XP and will run on most current PCs and Laptops. The Aero Interface is more advanced and you will need higher system requirements to take advantage of all the new features. (See Below) Actually, Vista will have six versions in all. According to the Vista web site these versions will range for the very basic up to the highest performance level. * Windows Vista Starter which runs only on 32-bit systems and will be so on new machines in India, Thailand and other emerging markets. * Windows Vista Home Basic which is very comparable to XP Home which will not offer the high-end graphics and media features. * Windows Vista Home Premium which will offer these graphics and media. * Windows Vista Business which is similar to the current XP Professional. * Windows Vista Enterprise will be only available to those customers with volume licenses - will offer Unix service, encryption and virtual machine capabilities. * Windows Vista Ultimate will combine Vista Enterprise and Vista Home Premium which will give customers the highest version of Windows. There will also be "N" versions of Vista Business and Vista Home Basic for the European market that will have Window Media Player removed. Microsoft is catering to all levels of the marketplace and its a prudent business move because many current PCs and laptops don t have the system requirements to take advantage of the highest version of Vista Aero. Your System Requirements for Vista? Your system requirements for the new Windows Vista will depend on which version of Vista you re buying. For the basic Vista you will need a modern processor (800MHz or more) with at least 512 MB of system memory. Your graphics processor should be DirectX 9 capable. For the fully loaded Vista you will need a little more robust system with at least 1 GHz processor with 1 GB of system memory. This should be supported with DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB of graphics memory. A premium graphics card like ATI or NVIDIA is recommended and you will need a 40 GB hard drive with 15 GB free space. In order to watch and record live TV you may have to add additional hardware. Still not sure your current system will support Vista, just run the free Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor RC found here: This program will tell you if your system can currently run Vista or if you will need to upgrade your computer. What noteworthy features will Vista give you? If we get over the improved features like better organizing of information, better security, and more reliability - what new features will the Vista deliver? One that really jumps out: INSTANT SEARCH Instead of using the slow cascading "All Programs", you can just type in a file name or task and you will find what you re looking for. The new instant start menu will be a lot quicker, saving you time. This also jumps out: DYNAMIC WINDOWS Perhaps, one of the major improvement will be in the appearance and use of the new desktop with transparent "glass-like" windows and animated windows on the taskbar. It will have live thumbnails on the taskbar, place your mouse over these and you will see the live contents without having to bring it up on your screen. You will also be able to create a three-dimensional stack of open windows on your desktop and you will have smoother performance in dynamic content or windows such as video. And this one: SPEECH RECOGNITION Speech Recognition will play a major role in the new Windows Vista which promises to feature all the latest Microsoft speech technologies with unparalleled voice recognition accuracy supported with multiple languages and a more human-sounding synthesizer -- step aside Stephen Hawkins! Plus, you will be able to control your computer by using your voice. It will provide you with a list of smart choices, whether it s selecting a word or choosing an application. Mouseless and hands-free computing tasks -- might be worth seeing. And this: WATCH AND RECORD LIVE TV You will be able to watch and record live TV with Vista. You may have to use additional hardware to access this feature. It is only a matter of time before the union of the Internet and full TV broadcasting services. Windows Vista may help in furthering this rather slow process. Integration, Integration Integration. Also this: BETTER SECURITY AND ENCRYPTION The new Window Vista offers improved security and has a few new encryption programs. There is something called the Windows BitLocker™ Drive Encryption which help protect the sensitive data on your hard drive - especially important in our ever increasing mobile lifestyles and workforces. This program will encrypt your entire Windows system and protect your information in the case of a stolen or lost PC or laptop. Then there is the Encrypting File System (EFS) which will protect user-level files and folders. This is important when two or more people share the same computer as in a company network. Companies will be able to use smart cards with EFS keys to allow employees or workers to access only the content that s appropriate for them to access. In addition, companies or users will be able to restrict use of USB keys and other removable storage devices, thus hampering the quick removal of data from your computer. Wildcard: What role will RSS Play? For interested techies and web watchers, the role RSS will play in the new Vista is an intriguing question. What about all those new RSS applications? The list extensions? What will it bring? Read more here Will RSS (via Vista) be given the means to finally turn the Internet into a Billion Channel Universe? Turning every web site into its own mini-broadcasting system sending out its content to all interested parties. Don t come to us, we will deliver. Changing static content into dynamic content. Furthermore, will speech recognition turn this dynamic content into a fully interactive hands-free browsing experience. Might give a whole new meaning to the expression Look Ma - no hands! All kidding aside, Windows Vista does offer some unique features that will change how we use our computers. It offers greater security and more integrated networking and applications. It does promise to make our desktop interaction more responsive and smoother with live social bookmarks and windows. One can only hope Vista lives up to its name and gives us a whole new viewing experience. ... The author is a full-time online marketer who runs numerous web sites, including two sites on Internet Marketing. For the latest web marketing tools try: Internet Marketing Tools He also runs an online Laptop Guide and has a keen interest in RSS and Computers. Go here for the latest Gaming Laptops Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Natural Breast Enlargement

Having well filled and shaped up breast is almost every woman s dream and there is absolutely no need for you to feel embarrassed or be timid in expressing your heart s desire. To make their dreams come true and also to boost up their feminine ego and self confidence, these days more and more women are turning to the natural breast enlargement alternatives viz. herbal pills, natural yet non-herbal pills, vacuum devices, natural creams and massage. These methods of breast augmentation are fast gaining popularity among women of all ages for enhancing the shape, size and firmness of their beloved breasts. What should be your reasonable expectation? What is the actual success rate of these natural breast enlargement products? Or how can you guarantee that you will achieve better results and high success if you chose any one of these natural alternatives for breast enlargement? You should always think positive and be optimistic. Yes it s true! Women who go for these programs with a positive and optimistic attitude are the ones who come out with the greatest success stories in alternatively breast augmentation issues. Advice My recommendation for many women is, it is true that the natural breast enlargement programs work and has even worked successfully on many women. Not all of us are born with enough body fat, perfect hormonal levels, or the right interactions with natural herbs and other concoctions for the breast in order for the supplementation or other method to work. Breast massage creams and massages and popping pills may not work to serve your purpose. And the reasons for the same are many - a person s diet, lifestyle, body constituent and the like. Breast augmentation products take time to work. Results usually do not show up within the first few weeks of its use. In fact it has been reported by many women that they do not see or feel any type of expansion or growth until after the first month of their dosage plan. More information on Breast Enhancement Products available here .

Drive-Thru Success Secrets

Preparing for a franchise convention keynote on drive-thru excellence, I spent six hours visiting drive-thru after drive-thru. Great menuboards. Messy, hard-to-read menuboards. Dumpsters wide open within my sight line when ordering. Enclosed, spotless dumpsters. Trash strewn in the lane. Immaculate drive-thrus. I saw it all. When was the last time you went through your drive-thru? What do you see and hear? It’s 11:30 p.m. (or 5:30 p.m.)–do you know what your drive-thru guests are seeing and hearing? Get out of the box, look and listen to customers going through the drive-thru. Here are a few suggestions: ORDER TAKER AT PEAK TIMES. Andrew Arvay, director of training for an Arby’s franchisee in Tulsa, Oklahoma, trains busy stores to station an employee with a headset just prior to the speaker box. It serves two purposes: (1) to suggest items and become a "human preview board" to help guests who are indecisive, and (2) to take the order of every other car. While one car is ordering at the speaker box, the employee takes the order of the car behind and calls it to the cashier. Two cars move up at a time, and the orders get placed more quickly. They wave the next car to the speaker box and take the order of the following one. Ten extra cars per half-hour of the two peak hours at lunch and dinner equates to over $200 in additional sales per day! Well worth the extra labor. GUARANTEE MESSAGE. On a recent trip through McDonald’s in Nashville, I saw a "30-second guarantee" sign. Once you pull up to the window, if you don’t receive your order in 30 seconds, it’s free. Talk about raising the bar. As a customer, I see the clock ticking and the people moving! Try the same thing with your up-sizing. "If we fail to suggest ______, you get it free." It’s amazing how well people perform when someone is watching! ACCURACY. Although not a drive-thru per se, Sonic gets my order right every time. Why? They read my order to me as it’s handed to me. Don’t just hand out a bag. Describe what the guest is getting. It allows you to catch mistakes right on the spot. FREQUENCY. Thank the guest and invite them back: "Thanks again! Next time don’t forget to try one of our great new salads!" Wendy’s in my neighborhood has a sticker on the drive-thru that reads, "See you tomorrow!" Do it right and quick and they’ll be back again and again. HOSPITALITY. Nobody does it better than Chick-fil-A. Hire friendly, model friendly, expect friendly, and you’ll get friendly. I’m not sure how long I sit at the window, but when someone is talking to me and finding out how my day is going, the time passes by much more quickly. CONDIMENT REQUESTS. Taco Bell does a phenomenal job asking if I’d like any hot or mild salsa while I’m at the speaker box. Saves time and eliminates mistakes at the window. If you’re not asking, or are asking at the window, shift it to save time and build sales: "Would you like any ketchup, dipping sauces, or an ice cream for dessert?" SELLING STRATEGY. Drop the "Would you like to up-size?" Change it to, "We feature two sizes of value meal. Which would you prefer?" A 10-cent increase in check average is huge, and it’s as easy as turning a sandwich into a value meal every 20th customer. MENU CLARITY. Why limit yourself to a set number of value meals (and clutter the menu)? At Subway, it’s a set price to make any sandwich a value meal. For $2 extra get it with medium fries and a medium soda, or for $2.50 extra get it with large fries and a large soda. Offer it with a side salad and diet soda for a set price for health-conscious customers. PERK THE PARKED CUSTOMER. Curt Archambault of Jack in the Box says always perk a guest if their food isn’t ready when they reach the window. The McDonald’s next to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando made my day in late September. My food wasn’t ready when I got to the window, so I was parked. Soon they delivered my food and let me know they added two additional chicken strips for the inconvenience. The negative became a "Wow." Curt, you were right–it makes a difference! INCENTIVES. Have contests for time, accuracy, or product quality. Talking about drive-thru times is important, but rewarding those who do it right makes an impact. My high school let us out of final exams if we had a C average or better and no more than one absence the second semester of the year. Think there was an attendance problem in school? No way. By focusing on the positive and providing an incentive to perform, they got what they wanted (students in class) and we got what we wanted (no finals). Put as much energy and effort into rewarding those who deliver outstanding speed and hospitality as you do punishing those who don’t. Incentives and contests ensure it can happen! It all boils down to speed, hospitality, accuracy and quality. Nail these four things and you’ll be a success. T.J. Schier is service professional, consultant and speaker with over 20 years experience in operations and training. Founder and president of Incentivize Solutions and podTraining, T.J. has helped numerous clients enhance their service and training programs and spoken to tens of thousands of managers, franchisees and operators in various fields. Visit for more info motivating today s employees, training today s generation and delivering outstanding guest service; or , a unique new system and the foundation of i-learning - using the device of today s generation, the iPod - to train your workforce.

Windows XP Registry Cleaners Reviewed

Good Windows XP registry cleaners are few and far between. It seems like there are a lot of programs out there to choose from, but in reality there are only a few that are worth your time. Registry Basics The Windows XP registry is a complicated filing system where programs and hardware write their preference and settings data. Windows constantly accesses this data as you use your computer so that your personal settings remain constant, as well as the settings each program and hardware needs to operate. Unfortunately, the registry is prone to becoming corrupted and cluttered, just like any physical filing cabinet in an office. These invalid entries can bog down your PC causing it to slow down and display error messages. Applications don t run correctly, and the computer might crash. How To Clean The Registry Although the registry is complicated, there are some easy solutions available to everyone, no matter how much computer experience they have. Good Windows XP registry cleaners will automate the process of searching for and removing the bad and corrupted entries. Previously this task was only able to be done by hand by experienced computer technicians. Thanks to this specialized software however, anyone can clean their PC s registry. The Best Windows XP registry cleaners The best repair programs for Windows XP are RegCure and Registry Mechanic. The editors at like RegCure the best. RegCure has an easy to use interface, has the most powerful and fast scanner, and provides an excellent startup program manager. Registry Mechanic by PC Tools comes in a close second, however the crew at RegistryCleanerZone. felt that although it provided some great extra features, it couldn t quite beat RegCure. It was a bit too intrusive and wasn t as intuitive as RegCure. For more information on the best Windows XP registry cleaners available, please visit Registry Cleaner Zone .

Window Garden - Color Options For The House

With the white snow and grey skies of winter, a nature lover can become depressed. Placing houseplants in a window garden are a great remedy to these winter blues. Hanging plants are great options for the window gardens because they save space. You will need to install a plant hook for each hanging plant. Spider plants, Boston ferns, and Chenille plants are some examples of plants that work well hanging. Instead of keeping the plants in the plastic containers you bought them in, you should plant them into bigger, decorative, and stronger pots. The plants will look nicer and be healthier. It can be difficult to choose which windowsill plants to choose. If you won t have much time to care for the plants, some good choices are African violets, peace lilies, and ivy. There are many varieties of each of these as well. You can choose those based on color and personal taste. If you want a bit more control over when your plants bloom, you can use bulbs. You can force the bulbs to sprout earlier in the spring to add color to your home sooner. Forcing is done by chilling the bulbs for a few months in a refrigerator. Four to Six weeks after planting the bulbs, with proper watering, the plants will sprout. If you are looking for an exotic look, orchids are a great option. Don t be scared off by their reputation of being tough to grow. They are actually quite easy to take care of. The Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and cattleya orchids are a few of the simplest varieties to grow. With the Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum varieties, it is easy to get the bold flowers to rebloom. It is a bit more difficult to sustain the small flowers of the Cattleya, however. You will need a clay pot, a tray, and pebbles for your orchids. The orchid should be planted in a fresh potting mix in the clay pot. You then need to run warm temperature water over the orchid for two minutes. You should allow it to drain fully because standing water often kills orchids. Cover the bottom of the tray with pebbles and place it on the window sill. The orchid can then be put on the tray. Check the potting mix once per week to see if it is dry. If so, water it as described earlier in this paragraph. If even the simple plants to care for are too much for you, growing plants in a terrarium will definitely work for you. There is pretty much no way to go wrong. To make a terrarium, you need a container with a lid, sand, potting soil, and some tropical plants or ferns. The bottom of the container should be filled with three inches of sand. A few inches of soil should be poured on top of that. Dig out an area in the soil for each plant. Place the plants in the terrarium and fill in the hollow areas with more potting soil. Moisten the soil with a few tablespoons of water. You will never have to water the terrarium again. Put the lid on the container and place it somewhere out of direct sunlight. The terrarium will create it s own moisture to water the plants. If too much condensation is developing, simply open the lid a bit to let it breathe some. Caring for house plants and getting them to grow during the winter will help liven up the spirit of your home by adding some life and color. There is more to learn on the subject of caring for house plants . Why not learn from our years of experience visit

Windows Vista Registry Repair - The Easy Way

If you want to learn about why you need to do Windows Vista Registry Repair, then you ll want to read this article. Specifically we ll discuss what the registry is, the results of a corrupt registry and how you can resolve your registry issues simply. After reading this article you will know how to resolve your registry issues permanently. The Windows Vista operating system relies on the registry to function. The registry is a huge database full of information about all the applications and hardware drivers on your PC. The more you use your Vista PC, the larger and larger it becomes. The registry becomes corrupt predominantly due to installing and un-installing applications or hardware drivers. The more you install and un-install, the more redundant entries get written or left behind in the registry. The more redundant entries exist in the registry, the slower the registry operates. The slower the registry operates, the slower the PC operates. Identifying if there are problems with your registry is fairly easy. You can download a free registry scan from some reputable web sites. These registry scans will identify all the useless entries in the registry and all the details that need to be cleaned up. Then, in reality, cleaning the registry is as simple as pushing the "Go" button. If your Vista machine has slowed to crawl and you want to return it to it s former glory, the best thing you can do is download one of the many registry scans available and clean up your PC today. It is advisable to then continue to run a registry scan periodically to keep your PC running at it s peak. For Windows Vista Registry Repair advice and downloads see David s web site at

Bay Window Curtains - Broadening Your Horizons

Bay window curtains can give you and everyone who enters your home a warm, peaceful feeling. In order to find the right curtains for you, the first thing you need to do is to take measurements. Not every bay window is the same size and therefore, you need to measure from one side to the other and from top to bottom. You want to find bay window curtains that will be a perfect fit. It is also important to start with a neutral color that will coordinate with your room décor and innovative stylings. That will not only make your décor stand out but it will blend very well together. If you are looking for a little something to spruce up the interior of your home then it is recommended to buy bay window curtains. Bay windows in general are great ways to utilize the beautiful outdoors of your household. Most bay windows are three windows in one, and they always bring good light and style into your house. In order to have great light and style, you need the perfect curtains. These curtains come in many different shapes and sizes. They have many styles ranging from numerous eras throughout time. Interior designers love to utilize these curtains whenever they must redesign a house with several bay windows. Bay window curtains can be the right kind of home item that you need in order to make your house feel like a real home. You will get that nice feeling of being home every time you look at them. When you move into that new dream home, the first thing that you will want to buy will be curtains that remind you of a nice warm home that you have always wanted. Finding the right curtains will relieve the stress of everyday life and will make you a calmer person every time you look at them and feel at home. It is also important to pay attention to the material that your bay window curtains are made of. Because the bay window is usually large in size, it may pose a problem in the wintertime. The best solution is to purchase lined curtains to hold in the heat and keep out the cold. Close the curtains at night and open them in the morning when the sun comes out. This will save on your heating bill and look stylish as well. You can find lined curtains anywhere curtains are sold and in a variety of colors. Bay window curtains can do many things to make your home a quaint, pleasant place to be around. You could have a range of different colors that will match your home s style and beauty. If you have that special bay window that looks out to the beautiful beach, then finding the right bay window curtains for that window will not be too hard. It will be easy to go with a white curtain to show that you have that fresh bright taste of tranquility and sovereignty. You can read more free advice on discount window blinds at Article by Given Smith at For more great free information on everything you should know about discount window blinds visit => blinds to go and cellular blinds

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Window Cleaning Tips

Streaks, spots, and fingerprints-are you groaning along with me? Keeping windows clean can be a task, especially if you have young children in your home! They seem to especially love touching the window glass with sticky fingers and pressing their mouths and noses up against them as well. Luckily, there are some great window-cleaning tips you can use to keep your glass spotless, streak free, and shiny! • This may come as a shock, but throw away the paper towels, special window cleaning cloths, and everything you thought was great for cleaning windows. The absolute best thing you can use is old newspaper! It cleans perfectly, with no streaks or spots left behind. Simply spray on some water or your favorite window cleaner and ball up a sheet of newspaper. Clean the windows the same way you would with a cloth. You will see that the newspaper is the best window-cleaning tool you have used. A great thing to remember is that it s good for mirrors and picture frames, too! • If you would like to avoid chemicals in your home (especially if you have children), water works as well to clean windows as chemicals do! If you find that a window is particularly difficult to get clean, try one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner, and it s inexpensive as well as being chemical free. It should do the job very nicely. • If you have gotten paint, glue, or some other type of substance on your windows and are trying to find the best cleaning chemical to get it off, you probably won t. Not only are chemicals dangerous, but using them to try to get items like these off is pretty useless. What you can use is a razor blade. Of course, being very careful, tilt the razor blade so that it is nearly parallel with the surface of the window. You will then tilt it so you are coming at the window at a very slight angle. You can then use the sharp edge of the razor blade to scrape the item off the window using small, short strokes. Once you have gotten that off, use water or vinegar and water to clean the windows thoroughly. • Crayon on the windows? This happens and there is actually a very easy way to get it off. Use a typical pencil eraser to remove the crayon. If that doesn t work, use something like a sponge or towel to try to scrub it off. • On outside windows, use a sponge and soap to clean them, then simply rinse them off with the water hose or a pitcher of water. To avoid spots, dry them with a soft towel or cloth. This keeps your outside windows from being dirty, spotty, and gross-looking, and it s easier to clean them this way rather than spraying and wiping each window! These ideas will help you keep your windows clean and shiny! Kristi Patrice Carter is a housecleaning maniac and the proud author of Super Woman Doesn t Live Here Any More: The Ultimate 2 Week Plan for Getting Your Family to Help With Housework." For ordering information and information on Daily Housecleaning Schedule , please visit

25 Main Windows Vista Features

The whole world is waiting with expectancy for the arrival of Windows Vista and its promised delights. And, in the meantime, techies speculate and debate on what to expect, what the hurdles will be, and more. Microsoft has been promoting Windows Vista as having features that provide a unique experience. The system is aimed to be user friendly and dynamic. Microsoft has worked on Vista at two levels; they have updated existing windows features and introduced new features. Among the many features of Windows Vista are the following gleaned from published documentation, blogs, and releases by Microsoft. 1. The interface is said to be state of art and has been called Aero, authentic, energetic, reflective, and open. User friendly, the interface is touted to be cleaner, streamlined, and aesthetic. 2. The windows shell for Vista is expected to reach for new standards in operating systems. The organization, navigation, and search capabilities are all user friendly and fast. The tool bar and one click access are devised to speed up operations. 3. Instant search is expected to revolutionize the system. Search boxes are integral to many applications. 4. Desk top gadgets positioned on the right hand side of the screen will enable users to view sports scores, weather, and other interesting things while continuing to work on the main screen. 5. The Media Player is expected to have great new features like graphic interface, photo display, systematic organization, and compatibility with Xbox360 and other media players. 6. The internet explorer, aimed to be genx, is expected to have a new user interface, tabled browsing, search box, easy printing, tabs, zoom, and other on tab functions. The system hopes to have advanced security protection and improved web standards support. 7. State of art back up and restore functions will enable users to schedule back ups of files. The system is designed such that back ups are incremental and only new material is backed up saving space as well as making the system easy to use. The “complete PC backup” will create an image on the entire system onto the hard disk or a DVD. In case there is a break down the “complete pc backup” will recreate the entire system. 8. Outlook express has a new avatar, Windows Mail. And, according to those in the know the system is reliable and can actually filter junk mail. 9. Updates of software and security systems in the new system will be through a control panel. There will be no need for any web applications. 10. In Windows Vista parents can have greater say in what the children can use and access. This system is designed to protect kids from exposure to violence and porn. 11. Windows vista has features that will enable computer access through handhelds and mobiles even if the computer if off. 12. Vista has multiple language speech recognition which will allow dictation and activation of commands. 13. Gaming with Vista has raised expectations of avid gamers. New graphics, better display features, and ease of use means faster gaming and more thrills.” 14. The photo gallery in vista has great new applications. It will function as a photo and movie library and be compatible with all kinds of devices. In windows vista this will tag and rate photos, make adjustments in color and exposure, create effects and burn slideshows to DVDs. 15. The Vista DVD maker will create DVDs from existing content. 16. The system permits sharing of files and applications. Vista’s Windows Meeting space promoted P2P applications. 17. Vista is designed to think. Super Fetch a memory management strategy studies user usage and retains pages in accordance to popularity. High priority content is retained in memory by detection of troublesome memory usage patterns. 18. Windows Vista is expected to have a ready boost, a flash device that extends disk caching capabilities. This will enable use of USB 2.0 flash drives, SD cards, or compact flash cards. This innovation is expected to lend a performance level that is 8-10 times higher than at present. 19. A touch screen is expected to be a part of Vista. 20. Disk partitions in Vista are designed to prevent data loss. 21. The task manager as well as task scheduler in Vista is being revamped to provide better computing. 22. Extensive focus is on security which has been a problem with Microsoft operating systems. In Vista the aim is to provide security at all levels of operation and the system includes an advance security firewall, a defender, as well as a phishing filter among other security measures. The innovations are all set to give a new definition to windows security. 23. Vista’s premier interface, Windows Aero will lend 3D graphics, great animation, visual effects, and translucence to videos, games, and other applications that have graphics. 24. The Vista developer technologies are many and are expected to include .Net framework version 3.0, a new user interface system among others. 25. Vista based on a new interface will support many features like WIM image format, group policy settings, and network file systems, that will ease the working of businesses While techies and others are waiting to see how Vista functions, in actuality there are several concerns surfacing regarding costs, user account control, hardware requirements, digital rights management, security, and the similarities to the Mac OS X. Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for , the premier website to find Free Software Downloads including free anti-virus software, free spyware detection software, free toolbars, free chat software and more. He also freelances for Free Online Games site

Using Window Evaporative Coolers To Reduce Energy And Increase Air Quality

Today, many people are looking for alternate sources of energy and more cost conservative and environmentally friendly ways to power their home. You can also cool your home in a friendlier way to your pocket and your environment. Evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers have great features to naturally keep your air cooler, create clean, constant circulating air, humidify your room (which can even be done in dry winter heat) and operate at lower noise levels than a refrigeration type air conditioner. Window evaporative systems have cooling pads that are absorbent and turn heat into cool air, have slats or louvers to allow you to direct air flow, have a kit to allow you to slide the unit into your window and the design of the window cooler allows it to help cool your home without being bulky and in the way such as with a portable unit. What other reasons are there for using window based evaporative coolers? There are many reasons to use window evaporative coolers. They are generally installed in a window like an air conditioning unit but with many features that set these products apart from regular refrigeration air conditioning units. The evaporative air cooler uses hot air and water to dramatically lower your room temperature. They are significantly lower to operate electricity wise over regular air conditioners and they are cleaner to operate with the bonus of being better for the environment and creating cleaner air in your home. You can have a portable evaporative cooler, a window based unit that cools a room or a system installed in your home that cools your whole house. They also exist in commercial sizes as well. There are great advantages to your electrical bill being reduced with a healthy flow of air and without damage to the ozone. This is a much more natural process of cooling your house and units even exist that have additional features of fighting dust and pollen. The hotter it is outside, the better the unit will work with evaporative technology. There are varying materials inside the unit that can impact the performance of it such as materials that may or may not be susceptible to corrosion or rust. There are different types of absorbent pads with varying materials and levels of thickness, there are fans and blowers that will vary as well as a water reservoir that can determine how often you need to fill it. Some coolers can be fed water directly from your plumbing as well. A window evaporative cooler can look as sleek and stylish as a new air conditioning unit. Be sure that you buy a unit large enough to cool the entire room you plan to use it in and be sure to maintain the unit regularly to reduce scale build up and continued absorbency of the water pads. Pads need to be replaced regularly depending on what type of pad your machine uses as well. In closing, an evaporative cooler that’s in your window can cool your room in a natural, environmentally friendly way that can also lead to a reduction in energy costs as well as cleaner air for your home. Maintenance is not complicated and can be completed a few times per season if you are even just a little bit handy. There are many options available in window coolers for varying prices. Phil Caxton is the author of many articles on different web publications, with subjects like air coolers published online for A website with tips on window mounted evaporative coolers .

Sweaty Armpits – Little Known Way to Cure Your Armpit Sweat Problem

Struggling with sweaty armpits is a common problem. I am not talking about getting sweaty when you are running or working out, but the excessive armpit sweating that occur when it seems unnatural to sweat. This type of problems with sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis. The sweating problem can often be difficult for those who got it. I have personally experienced several years struggling with sweaty armpits. I would guess it started when I was in my puberty age. The embarrassment related to the growing sweat stains under my armpits, followed by the smell, resulted in me trying to avoid social events and I was always avoiding talking to or getting close to other people. When looking for new jobs I was always considering how this or that job was fitting to my sweating habits. I started to choose work arrangements where as few people as possible was able to smell what was going on under my arms. It was not until I came across the solution to my armpit problem I actually started to date girls. Before that I had always been afraid of how they would react to the sweat issue as well as how I would be able to hide it from her. I believe that a lot of people with sweating problems are relating to what I am saying here. Even though the armpit problems are natural we are all too afraid to admit we have them. It is not like we do not shower. I was probably showering more back then when I had the problem, than I do now when I am over it. What I discovered when I was trying to get rid of my problems with sweaty armpits was that the products on the market did not do what they promised. I tried several anti-persperants and deodorants but none of them solved my problem. I even visited the drugstore and tried some of their more medical anti-persperants but even those did not help me. Still, in a cloud of desperation, I finally found a solution to my problem. This might be one of the most valuable and appreciated moments in my entire life. The burden is now of my shoulders (and the armpits as well) and I am finally past my period of sweaty armpits. For more information please visit: Get past those sweaty armpits!