Thursday, March 6, 2008

Highlight Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul, and killer eyes are the most valuable weapon for attraction. It’s fun playing with all the colors of an eyeshadow palette can give. Experimenting with shades can make you look gothic, futuristic, alluring, or cleopatric with all those solid black and golden shades. Eye shadows can also determine what lifestyle you’ve got and what mood you are in. But of course, you can never have too much of everything. Proper shading and painting should be observed. With all the available colors, you can go wrong by overdoing or combining shades that don’t fit each other (or your clothes). You also have to consider the fact that your eyes and other facial features such as your eyes’ shape can affect the effect of putting eye shadows. Example, for eyes that are widely separated, you may use neutral colors on your eyelids’ inner corner. See what I mean? There are actually techniques in using an eyeshadow. You can’t just brush it on in any manner, color and style you want. So here are a few dos and donts in using an eyeshadow. First knowhow to blend.You would definitely not use a single color to paint your whole eyelid. Have a base (usually the lightest color of all), a highlighter and the main shade for the lid. Next, have the shades that can widen your eyes. Don’t apply eyeshadow on your brow bone unless it’s a neutral color. The use of highlighter can make you look great or can make you look gloomy. Shimmer should only be applied to the brow bones to create a gorgeous effect. If you want a smokey eye, keep it on the lid. Keep your eyeshadow light if you’re going for that red vamp lipstick. Copyright (c) Althea Marie Tan. Get your daily beauty and makeup tips from Beauty Tips Daily -

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