Thursday, March 6, 2008

Windows Registry - XP Operating System

A clogged Windows Registry increases the time your PC boot up time and hogs system resources. PC users can check with many stores about which free windows registry repair is the most safe and reliable before downloading and installing on the computer. The physical files that make up the registry are stored differently depending on your version of Windows; under Windows 95 & 98 it is contained in two hidden files in your Windows directory, called USER. The registry keeps on growing along with the use of windows. Windows communicates with its registry dozens of times every second and broken registry keys can make that communication difficult and slow. If you run a Windows operating system, you have messed up registry files. Free windows registry repair will also safely make a back up of the registry while cleaning it up and will automatically replace it once the repair procedure is complete. To fix Windows 98 registry or any other version of Windows for that matter, it is important to keep the registry up to date and free from any outdated entries. The most highly recommended in PC maintenance is 5, cleaning your windows registry. Exe is an alternative registry editor available with Windows NT/2000 with features of its own. This is the reason that the registry must be cleaned with a windows registry cleaner on a regular basis. If you ve never even heard of a Windows registry, don t feel bad. Sometimes using the System Restore feature in Windows can fix problems, so for the less technically experienced this might be the more painless route to go if the above scanning solutions don t work and you don t want to play around with the registry. This information is recorded in the registry and needs to be cleaned with a windows registry cleaner regularly. However sometimes the programs you install can alter your windows registry in such a way that the windows registry recovery program won t be able to fix. Over time your windows registry can accumulate junk files from the constant installation of newer programs and removal of obsolete ones. Soli Katir These websites will introduce you on how you can repair your XP, absolutely free!

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